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Verify Baba Ijebu outcomes for both today and yesterday, including Premier Lotto results for the corresponding periods. Access the most recent Premier Lotto results as well as historical Baba Ijebu Lotto outcomes for games like Diamond, National, Midweek, Metro, and others.

Explore the latest results specifically for the Diamond game at Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough. Our comprehensive results encompass a variety of lotto games, including Enugu, Bingo, Bonanza, Club Master, Fairchance, Fortune, Gold, International, Jackpot, Lucky, Lucky G, MARK II, Metro, Midweek, MSP, National, O6, Peoples, Premier King, Royal, Super, Tota, VAG, and more.


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Understanding How Baba Ijebu Lotto (Premier Lotto) Works

Winners Golden Chance Lotto, affectionately known as WGC Lotto, is a prominent player in the Nigerian lottery arena. Since its establishment in February 2005, it has been a source of excitement, generous jackpots, and a sprinkle of luck for people all over Nigeria. Let's take a closer look at the world of WGC Lotto, exploring its various facets:

Diverse Games: 

WGC Lotto doesn't stick to just one game. It offers a vibrant array of lottery games to suit different preferences and risk appetites. Here are some of their popular options:

  1. Golden Treasure: The flagship game with life-changing jackpots and multiple weekly draws.
  2. Golden Gateway: For those seeking frequent excitement, this game has draws every four hours, providing smaller but quicker payouts.
  3. Golden Monday Special: Add some zest to your Mondays with this special draw featuring a substantial jackpot exclusive to that day.
  4. Golden Sunrise: Start your day on a positive note with morning draws and attractive early bird prizes.
  5. And many more: From the instant thrill of "Scratch & Win" games to the strategic challenges of Pick 3 and Pick 4, WGC Lotto caters to everyone.

Beyond the Draws:

While draws are central to the lottery experience, WGC Lotto extends its reach through:

  1. User-friendly website: Play your favorite games online, check results, and manage your account effortlessly.
  2. Widespread presence: With offices in major cities like Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, WGC Lotto ensures physical accessibility for many Nigerians.
  3. Active social media: Stay updated on the latest draws, promotions, and winning stories through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  4. Responsible gaming: WGC Lotto promotes responsible gaming practices, offering resources and information to help players play safely and make informed decisions.

Winning Possibilities

Securing a victory in Baba Ijebu Lotto involves considering the following scenarios:

NAP2 (2sure): NAP2, also referred to as 2sure, provides a winning opportunity when two of the selected numbers match the drawn ones. Success in this scenario is achieved if two out of the five predicted numbers are correct following the ball draw. The prize amount is determined by the player's stake.

NAP3 (3 Direct): NAP3, or 3 Direct, stands out as one of the most lucrative options for lottery players. Winning in this category requires accurately predicting three out of the five winning numbers. The payout for this achievement is set at odds of N2,100. Notably, Baba Ijebu ensures prompt payment to all winners, regardless of the amount won.

PERM2: PERM2 is a widely played game offering flexibility to players. To participate, players can choose between 3 and 90 numbers at any Baba Ijebu terminal, or 3-10 numbers through the *755# USSD code or online at babaijebu.ng. A win is secured if any two of the selected numbers match the drawn results.

Different Ways to Play Baba Ijebu Lotto

In Nigeria, participants in the Baba Ijebu lottery employ various methods to engage in the game. Here are the most prevalent approaches:

  1. Forecasting:

    • Players employ forecasting by analyzing the outcomes of previous games to predict potential winning numbers in upcoming draws. While this method lacks certainty and success is not guaranteed, players may occasionally experience success through this predictive strategy.
  2. Targeted Numbers:

    • Players can choose to concentrate on specific numbers they believe have a higher likelihood of winning. For instance, consistently playing numbers like 78-22 or 66-89 aims to enhance the chances of winning if any of these targeted numbers appear in the draw. This strategy is grounded in the belief that certain numbers may recurrently emerge in the winning combinations.

The Baba Ijebu Lotto Playing Process

Engaging in Baba Ijebu Lotto encompasses several steps, from selecting numbers to checking results. Here's an overview of the Baba Ijebu Lotto playing process:

  1. Choose a Lotto Game:

    • Players kick off the process by selecting a specific lotto game from the array offered by Baba Ijebu. Each game has its unique rules and prize structures, such as Diamond, Peoples, Bingo, Metro, International, MSP, and more.
  2. Select Numbers:

    • After choosing the desired lotto game, players must pick a set of numbers based on the specific rules of that game. The number of digits and the range of numbers may vary depending on the chosen game.
  3. Choose a Staking Option:

    • Players decide on the amount of money they wish to bet on their selected numbers. Baba Ijebu provides various staking options, including NAP2 (2sure), NAP3 (3 Direct), PERM2, and more. The prize amount depends on the staking option chosen and the accuracy of predictions.
  4. Place the Bet:

    • Once the numbers and staking option are selected, players can place their bets. This can be done at authorized Baba Ijebu terminals, through the *755# USSD code, online at babaijebu.ng, or with registered agents.
  5. Wait for the Draw:

    • Lotto draws for different games occur on specific days and times, such as Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and weekends. Players await the designated draw time for the game they participated in.
  6. Check the Results:

    • After the draw, Baba Ijebu promptly announces the results. Players can check the results through various channels, including online platforms, result-checking centers, and authorized agents. The results reveal whether the selected numbers match the drawn results.
  7. Claiming Prizes:

    • If a player's numbers match the drawn results, they can claim their prize. Prizes can be claimed at designated Baba Ijebu payout centers, authorized agents, or through specified procedures outlined by Baba Ijebu. The process may involve verifying the winning ticket and completing necessary paperwork.
  8. Responsible Gaming:

    • Throughout the entire process, Baba Ijebu emphasizes responsible gaming. Players are encouraged to play within their means, and the company promotes fair play and integrity in its lotto operations.

The likelihood of winning in a 5/90 lottery, such as the Baba Ijebu Lotto, hinges on various factors, primarily the specific game variant and the number of combinations chosen. In a 5/90 lottery, participants typically select five numbers from a pool of 90.

  1. Single Ticket:

    • If a player opts for a single combination of five numbers, the probability of winning is contingent on the total number of potential combinations. In a 5/90 lottery, there are a total of 43,758,474 possible combinations. Therefore, the chance of winning with a single ticket stands at 1 in 43,758,474.
  2. Multiple Tickets or Staking Options:

    • Players often enhance their chances by playing multiple tickets or employing various staking options. For example, using strategies like NAP2 or NAP3, incorporating permutations, or playing multiple combinations can increase the likelihood of winning. It's crucial to note, however, that this approach involves higher costs.
  3. Randomness:

    • Lotteries are intentionally designed to be random, and each draw is independent of previous ones. Past results do not influence future outcomes, and every combination holds an equal chance of being drawn in each game.
  4. Prize Tiers:

    • Lotteries frequently feature multiple prize tiers based on the number of matching numbers. While the odds of winning the jackpot (matching all five numbers) are lower, there are typically smaller prizes for matching fewer numbers, providing additional opportunities for players to win.


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