A simple Google search of “Oyejobi Adeola” and you’ll see some interesting photos 😳. I get a lot of people who come to me and say, “But Adeola, of course you’re successful, look at you.”

But those people don’t know the full story. The real story doesn’t begin with a thriving blogging business in 2010 when I was in SS2. 

How it Started

I started an online business in 2010 when I was in SS2 and after 11 years, I have mastered more than 5 online businesses.

My first ever business was blogging and that took me a year to get it off the ground because it was quite very tough then.

When I finally started selling my knowledge in 2014, I was making thousands of naira and even on Whatsapp, I made like 1M in a month selling my knowledge just last year. There were good days, I made N2.5M in 5days.

Trust me, launching online or starting an online business is a lot easier than it was years ago.

The Journey taught me a LOT about entrepreneurship, and I wanted to be able to share what I knew

I’ve had my fair share of failures and successes and I’ve made it my mission to be fully transparent about this to help other entrepreneurs avoid mistakes and create success.

I started with zero marketing budget, but two things helped me get where I am today; willingness to put in the work and belief that it would pay off.

My deep purpose is to help Nigerians & the world create financial freedom, I truly believe this changes the world in a positive way.

At present, I help business owners generate more leads and sales through my digital marketing agency nivedigital and  a business coach to thousands of students generating 6-7 figures monthly.

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