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Hey friend;

Are You Struggling to Generate Consistent Sales or No Sales in your Online Business?

If so...

Read to the End;

How would you feel if you are able to close 7 out of every 10 prospects that come your way?

Or how would your life be if you can close prospects despite the numerous objections they come up with.

I am talking about objections like
  • I will get back to you
  • Let me inform my partner first
  • Your service is too expensive
  • This is not a priority right now
  • I am not ready for this now
  • Etc
Happy, right?


Listen to what Ayoodeta has to Say about Sales & Closing

And that’s why I will be revealing this process that I have used to close sales that is bringing in millions of naira for both my company and those of my clients

But before I continue

I think it’s important you know who I am

My name is Oyejobi Adeola

I am the founder of a digital marketing agency Nivedigital which I have used to generate over $5000/Month from its inception in late 2020.

Not only that

I have also generated over N30 Million from closing clients alone

In fact, I have also been able to close deals worth over 500,000 Naira  PER PERSON on Whatsapp despite many others complaining they can only close 30k-100k deals

But I didn’t get here overnight

You see, I started learning how to close prospects at the age of 16

And at that age, it wasn’t a rosy beginning at all

I was very poor at closing when I started

Which made me consumed lots of sales information from different sources including books, seminars, articles, newsletters etc

And also invested heavily in myself

In fact, as of today, I have invested over $100,000 on myself

And it’s not that I am rubbing anything on you

Rather I want you to get access to this powerful process that I have used to generate millions of dollars online

That you can also use to be able to close at least 7 out of every prospects that come your way

Despite the numerous and silly objections they come up with. 

So you can 
  • Sell more and succeed.
  • Sharpen your sales blade
  • Handle objections
  • Boost your selling ability
And many more

But you need to know something very important

You see, closing is one of the most lucrative skill anyone in business must have to be make the kind of money he or she is always dreaming about

Because in most cases, your prospects only make up excuses

They have something hidden from you that's preventing them from buying from you

But with this powerful process, you will be able to identify it and close at least 7 out of them irrespective of the excuses they come up with

And contrary to what you are my be thinking now

This process will work for you whether you are;
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Copywriter
  • Graphic Designer
  • SEO specialist
  • Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Ad Expert
  • Digital Marketer
Or anything in between

And this is because I have shown this simple process to hundreds of business owners in different niches with each of them making millions of naira every single year!

But as simple as this process is, it will not work for you if you don’t implement all the simple and easy-to-do processes I show you

And if you are not okay with that,

Please Kindly Stop Reading From Here

And I am sorry for wasting your time so far

Because no matter what, you will not be able to get the kind of result my students are getting

Listen to what Elizabeth has to Say about Sales & Closing

The sales gurus you listen to do not know anything about this process….not to talk of teaching you properly

They tell you to always interrogate them without giving you an actionable process you can always follow to close any type of prospect

Irrespective of the products/service you are rendering

And to answer the question currently going through your mind,

I will be revealing everything you need to know about this single powerful process in an ebook that I called…

….Sales And Closing Mastery Guide

This is a 51 page ebook that offers you practical tips on how to boost your confidence level and sell more of your products/services to make more sales

Be it low ticket or high ticket offers.

It breaks down big concepts into smaller and understandable ones that will enable you to close at least 7 out of every 10 prospects that come your way

But do not take my words for it

Rather, take the words of those that I already shared this simple process with;
Listen to what others have to say
What some others has to say also

I really appreciate how the sales and closing has helped me..

It was really an eye-opener. Thank you boss


I close my first sale after reading and implementing. I was like well, I know you to be a man of value and that amount can be cheap somehow..

Let me just buy and see for myself..

I thank God for buying


This is the best sales and closing mastery I have read. Its straight and simple


Mr Oyejobi Adeola, reading is not really my thing but I read this to the end..
I love the mindset and money part...
I'm about to start implementing 🙌🙌


And you are also going to get access to this powerful process soon

But in case you are wondering what is inside the SALES AND MASTERY GUIDE EBOOK

Here are some of what you should expect:



Anatomy of Sales


Building Value & Relationship

Referral System


Follow up 

Broke to Rich; How to be Wealthy

And many more secrets that you can always use to close more prospects every single week or month

But I promise to show you just some of what you are getting in the Sales And Closing Mastery Guide


Which is why I will be stopping here

And ask you an important question

How Much Do You Think This Guide Is Worth To You?

But I think that’s a totally wrong question

The correct question should be:

How Much Is The Ability To Close At Least 7 Out Of Every 10 Prospects That Come Your Way Worth To You?

Invaluable right?


Just imagine your product/service costs only 50,000 Naira and you are able to close 7 out of every 10 prospect that come your way

Irrespective of the objections they come up with

That’s 350,000 Naira for you

And you do this continuously months upon months

That’s millions upon millions of Naira for you!

How would your life be?

Beautiful, you say?

You would be able to

  • Go on vacation to any part of the world you always want to go
  • Take care of your loved ones
  • Be among the top 1% of Nigeria that earn over 500,000 Naira per month
  • Build confidence and sharpens your sales blade
  • And many more

That’s exactly what I want for you too

But there is another good news

You won’t be paying 300,000 Naira to get this guide today because that’s the price of my mentorship for a month

You won’t even be paying 250,000 Naira to get it because that’s the cost of my digital marketing course

In fact, you won’t be paying half or quarter of that when you decide to lay your hand on this guide today

To get the Sales And Mastery Guide,

You will only be paying a ridiculous price of

5,000 Naira

And I am pretty sure what you might be probably thinking right now is that

Oyejobi, why is this so cheap?


it is because I want many people who can’t access my mentorship of 300,000 Naira to get access to my brain too

Because I am very determined to help as much business owners as possible

And if you want to be among them too and you can’t afford my mentorship right now

Then here is what you should do

Click the big green button below and you will be directed to a secured payment page

Where you will be asked to input your card details

Input them and pay your 5,000 Naira

After which you will get instant access to the guide

But one more thing you need to know before you sign up

You see, I put in too much effort to create this valuable ebook guide

Apart from that, it’s a collection of all that has worked for me in the past 10 years of closing clients online

And that’s why I am offering no...


And if you are not cool with that

Do not buy this guide

But I am sure this guide will be valuable to you because like I said earlier, I already share the process with ​110 business owners

And here are what some of them have to say

But that’s the good news

I have a sad news too

Which is that I only plan to sell this guide for 5k till 15th of September after which the price will be 10k

Which means you have till then to take action

And if you are ready to take it now

Click the link below


So how is it going to be now?

Are you going to leave this page and continue to struggle with the different objections your prospects are giving you?

Thereby losing your prospective clients every single time

Or you will take advantage of this opportunity now

And say bye bye to any sales objections and close at least 7 out of every 10 prospects that come your way with this single powerful process

The choice is yours to make

And I am sure you know the right one to make

So here is the link again

​See You At The Top

Oyejobi Adeola