How to start blogging and earn money in 2021

Do you want to know how to start blogging and earn money? Then in this post, I will be sharing with you a lot of ways to start making that from your blog every single month.

how to start blogging and earn money

I have been blogging for over 10 years and from my experience what I know many lacked is understanding what a blog is, how to operate it, and ways to actually generate income from the blog.

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The majority started a blog just to only make money because they saw some people generating thousands of dollars from their blog.

I spent a whole year figuring out to make money from my first blog and at the end of the blog, I only make $100. For a full year, I only earned $100. You are surprised, right?

Well, don’t be. I actually make my first $100 from my blog in a year. Of course, I know many people whom we started together aren’t doing well and gave up.

There are a lot of ways to make money from your blog and I will be sharing some tips to start generating the money you wanted.

But before I want to explain to you starting and running a blog is not easy, you need to be committed, very consistent, very determined because without these, it is sure to give within some months and boom all the previous work wasted.

One thing I always hammered for my students is never to give up and to remember why they started.

Because the purpose or the reason why you started is what will take you through the up and down of your blogging journey.

But I want to be sincere with you, as long as people are still making use of Google or other search engines for contents, blogs, or contents monetization is still working and that’s what I will be sharing with you today.

How to start blogging and earn money in 2021

There are a lot of ways to actually make money from your blog, but I will be sharing with you the top three you can start implementing on your blog or if you are just about to start your own blog.

Display Ads: This is the first and the easiest way to start generating money from your blog.

By displaying some ads on your blog, you could be making over N300K per month depending on your daily traffic or the niche you are in.

Take note, if you really want to make money from blogging, don’t start entertainment sites, or let me say don’t start sites that don’t solve a problem.

Money is made where the problem is been solved. If you write about something people are finding a solution for, it will be very hard to make money.

You should stop comparing yourself with Linda Ikeji, those people make most of their money from big companies like MTN, AIRTEL, or some politicians during elections.

There are a lot of display ads we have; Google Adsense,, Propellerads, Infolinks, etc.

Affiliate Marketing: This is the second-best way to start making money from your blog by promoting some legit products either from expertnaire (a Nigerian affiliate company). You can actually join expertnaire to promote their products on your blog. I think the best way to promoting any product is by using the product itself. It will be easier for you to sell because you know you are selling a solution to your audience to either make their lives better or happier. Either way, you are making your money

Selling your own Products: Of course, if you are an expert or you know what you are sharing very well, you can actually start selling your knowledge to your audience. It is easier this way to make a lot of money I short period of time because these people already trust you.

If you follow these three ways, you sure to be generating thousands of naira from your blog.

If you have any questions, you are free to share.

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