3 Simple Techniques To Triple Your Information Product Sales in 2021

Selling information products is one of the latest sure bets when it comes to making money online. A sure bet that is actually very sure if you know your way.

In this post, I will be sharing with you 3 simple techniques that will triple or even quadruple your sales when it comes to selling info products.

The truth about this is that it will surely work for any other product you are selling regardless, but that’s if you are able to perfectly adapt it in there.

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One thing you don’t know about your prospect is that, they always want to see what you want to offer them. This is the main theme of the first technique

1.Offering a Lead Magnet.
In the current internet world where pretty anyone can copy any crappy bullshit and deceive people into buying, people are now extremely careful.

To be able to make people buy your information product, you actually have to fight two kinds of objections.

The first is the natural objection that will come as a result of ‘i want to know whether I’m getting the best deal’ while the second is the objection of ‘this is how the last person that sold me this did, this is just another buy’.

If you can’t really show you know your onions, the chance you will make groundbreaking sales in your information marketing businessman is less than zero.

Showing yourself as the authority and expert in your niche is a good approach to solving this issue, however, people have been deceived by many fake gurus and they don’t wanna fall again.

So the most practical approach that will work for your Information marketing business in 2021 is offering a Lead Magnet. I call it the fisherman’s approach to selling like crazy.

It is the surest way of making them know you are real, not just real but the real boss in your field. It makes them know you are selling them gold for pennies, not just exchanging their money for google search results. Notice that this is for practically a new prospect who knows nothing about you and doesn’t trust you or someone who already knows you but afraid to take action on that particular Information Product.

If they are existing customers who already trust you well but are still skeptical, then the number 2 technique is what you should use.

In this case,
Imagine there are two stands of snacks at the entrance to a hostel. One owned by mummy B and the other by aunty K. Aunty K offers everyone coming in (if interested) the opportunity of taking one doughnut to taste how tasteful her snacks are.

Mummy B on the other hand only lets you buy and go. With that simple technique, Aunty K will get customers to come and have a taste of her snacks for free, if they love what they taste for the day, they are surely going to buy some. Mummy B will surely be out of business in 1 month or less!
That exactly is a way for you to attract more customers to get your information product. If you are selling an ebook for example, you might release one or two chapters of the book for free, when people read and feel the level of expertise in it, they trust what you want them to pay for any eventually, more than 75% increase in sales will be recorded just Introducing a good technique as such

2. Offer a “have you got a question” webinar

This method looks a bit similar to the first, but it is also very different. This technique is for you if you already have an existing customer that you want to make extra cash on.

Simply send them a mail asking them if they have any questions about the topic related to your information Product. And tell them a 2 hours webinar is coming up where you will be giving them a new dimension they can solve their problem(in your niche) and also answer their questions.

Now you don’t have to start thinking of something new to tell them for the whole 2 hours. Just break it down. Use the first 50 minutes to explain to them something they already know.

It should be more or less of giving them a reminder and letting them take note of some important things. If your information product is how they can become a good parent, you should explain more about a few things they do daily that should be modified in the right direction.

You make them see what they are doing wrong and how they can immediately correct it. They reason along and appreciate your teaching. After that, you allow them to ask questions for the next 30 minutes.

This let you know various problems they are facing, and in the process, you start tracking your sales without being salesy.

You already counter their attack by teaching them something they appreciate, so you are good.

The duration of this session might want to get longer, you can allow that if in the process you are being able to show them the offer you have for them.

Make your offer a wow for them, that they look stupid not taking it. Also, put a scarcity. You might say, you only want to give your information product out to just 30 people.

But mind you, you need to give a reason for doing that. Your reason might be as simple as ‘i want to work with those that get in this, I will be available to guide them and answer their questions 24/7.

So for that, I won’t be able to take a lot of people if I want to be efficient’ you might also use the fear of price increase after that offer to make them rush your product.

But most importantly, you need to make your scarcity excuse genuine, if you don’t it means you are digging your own grave.

If you do evey single step here right, you will even close more people than you expected

3.Creating multiple landing pages
This actually, is what only a little number of information marketers do. And those that do it are the ones chopping the big bites in this information marketing business.

You have to come up with different offers, different titles and change some keywords on your landing pages.

Most importantly, different prices. Apart from the immediate opportunity, it offers you by making more money, this technique also does so much more. It allows you to know which landing page converts more people than the other.

It might be a difference in price, offer or headline that makes the big difference in sales. It also helps your decision-making in the future about your choice of offer, landing page title, and price.

Most times, higher prices tend to do well than lower prices in the information marketing niche. Well, the number of people might not be higher, but total net profits are always higher in a high-priced page than a lower one for the same product.

The good thing is that, this is so easy to do. When you are thinking about how to craft your offer or headline, many options will come to your mind but you try to pick what sounds as the best. In the actual sense, trying out more than one gives you the real fact and make you more money.

So instead of wasting a lot of ideas, creating more than one landing page will make you realize how much money you are keeping on the table by not trying out more ideas for your information product.

If you follow these techniques, you will find out that it is as easy to make triple and even quadripple of your current sales as you are doing right now.

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