How to turn your customers to repeat customers

It’ll cost you less to keep old customers than to acquire new customers.

You labour a lot, trying hard every single day to get new customers, completely forgetting about your old customers.

That’s bad!

Listen, it’s okay to go in search of new customers, but you have to put a system in place that helps you turn your old customers to repeat customers.

To keep them coming back again and again!

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There’s no secret sauce, there’s no mystery trick to getting this right.
All you need is a proven strategy that works

And that’s what I’ll be sharing in this post.

How to turn your customers to repeat customers

“How you treat your customers will determine if they’ll come back to buy from you again”.

Having quality product or service is the first important thing to put in place, because no matter how good you treat your customers, if your product or service is of poor quality, then you’ll lose customers and also get a lot of refunds.
Now, how to get your customers come back to buy from you

Make the first impression they have with you be amazing

Give them a red carpet treatment, make them feel welcome doing business with you.

Show empathy and interest in actually trying to solve their problems.

When your customers feel that you’re not just after their money but you’re after solving their problem, then they’ll not only love you, but they’ll want to do business with you repeatedly.

Give each customer a personalized treatment

Now more than ever, people will only do business with people that cater for their personal needs.

If you want to have repeat customers, then you have to deal with your customers like you’re dealing with just them.

Personalized treatment goes a long way in helping your build your relationship with your customers and turning them to repeat customers.

Follow up on them
The biggest mistake you can make is to think that your job is done after you’ve been paid.

If you do this, then you’re like every other business whose only concern is about taking their money.

You have to stand out and be different.

Few days, weeks or months after the customer bought from you, check up on them.

Ask how your product has helped them, ask for feedback, and ask them if it meets all their needs.

This will help you in getting reviews which you can use to convince other customers and then you’ll be building a strong relationship with the existing customers.

Give freebies
Nothing makes a customer more loyal to you than giving them freebies and thanking them for buying from you. They’ll be more likely to buy from you again.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money, just a small gift thanking them for buying from you.

This builds relationship with them.

Your gift can also be a coupon code that encourages them come back to buy from you.

With these few tips, you’ll be able to retain your customers and make more profit.
Feel free to drop any questions you have I’ll be glad to answer them all.

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