What is Affiliate Marketing? (Examples & How to Get Started)

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting someone’s product and after a sale is made, you will be paid a commission.

What is Affiliate Marketing

The commission can range between 50-60%. Imagine getting paid for a product of $100 at 50-60% commission. 20 sales a month could make you about $200 and that’s the beauty of affiliate marketing and of course, you can actually scale it to earn more.

Affiliate marketing in another word is the process of you promoting a product or service from an e-commerce company without having to pay for the product before promoting. I will say, I kind of don’t encourage promoting a product you haven’t used.

It will be easier for you to sell a product that you liked than a product you haven’t used before. But well that’s the definition of affiliate marketing.

How Can you Start Affiliate Marketing?

If you are interested in starting affiliate marketing, follow these process to begin with;

Research on Niche: You want to know the niche that is actually performing well before you start choosing products to promote.

Because I will be sincere with you that some niches take time to sell. My simple advice is to go with a niche that solves a problem, these niches have higher buyer intent, which means there are people that are ready to buy them if you target them.

Some of the niches I know do well are, Finance, Make Money, Health, Relationship, Lifestyle etc

Start a blog/website/ Social media pages: You need a platform to sell, that’s why it’s important to create a blog or a social media page to help people about whatever you are trying to promote.

You are not trying to do hard marketing, you are actually trying to help them achieve their goals, that’s why you need a platform to share useful contents about the product.

Content Marketing: This is an example of inbound marketing where you share content valuable to your audiences.

You tend to share content about the product, the advantages of the product. You see people buy more if they read how the product going to help them, so if it what it takes, give your time to explain to them about the benefit of the product. Soft marketing here and boom, it will be so easy for them to convert

Affiliate program: There are a lot of affiliate programs you can join;


Amazon Associate





PS: Digistore24 and Clickbank doesn’t accept Nigerians because of the TAX issue, but if you could solve it and register for a TAX ID in the US/UK and use it as your country, you will be approved.

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