How To Apply For An AdSense account – Adsense approval trick

Do you want to know the Adsense approval trick that can help you get your blog approved? Then in this post, I am going to be showing the AdSense approval trick you need to know.

Adsense approval trick

Earning from a website is one of the coolest ways to make money from your comfort zone, earning from a website is achievable through Google AdSense. Before further discussion, I would like to define what “Google AdSense” means …

Google AdSense is a program which is run by google placed on the website in order to advertise a variety of business through the website and generate income. Google AdSense is basically one of the best ads used on websites for advertisements.

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Google AdSense has been in existence for years ago which has been a platform that serves the community at last, application and approval has been easy over years but has things is improving, policies keep changing and approval seems strict for some applicants who doesn’t follow the protocol.

Google AdSense is used to generate income for years by bloggers,  to successfully applied for Google AdSense application and to be accepted, firstly its takes some guidelines, these guidelines are to follow In order to be approved.


Here’s are the guidelines which are required for approval:

  1. Have numerous content or post in your blog
  2. Revamp your post with meta tag and description tag
  3. Be virtual when deciding images and contents
  4. Adhere to good blog structure and arrangement.
  5. Disengage criminating content
  6. High satisfactory content
  • Have numerous contents in your blog: Blogs with sufficient content on the blog has a high possibility for approval, sufficient content ranges between 15- 30 post with well-organized is not compulsory but mandatory to have at least 3 – 5 posts in each section or tag, this enhances the approval by the Google AdSense editorial board. Google AdSense made a statement in one of their posts that”we must have sufficient content in every speculated web page, the most pleasing blog length is 500- 700 words, the more the length, the high rating of the approval.
  • Revamp your post with a meta tag and description tag: meta tag allows crawler bots to act freely on the blog because it defines what the blog post is all about and entails. Google AdSense editorial team make use of if crawler not as the best tool for finalizing reviews because it’s impossible for them to apply one after the other .always note that your meta tag title should fall between 67-70 characters including space while the description tag falls between 154- 158 characters including space.
  • Be virtual when deciding about images and contents: Google AdSense does not approve post with no credit or copyrighted content, copyrighted content or images are the documents which are obtained without permission or approval from the rightful owner. There is a various website which is mainly created to obtain images free such as ( pixabay, unsplash, etc ) you can also edit using canvas. Always ensure you give credit to your post.
  • Adhere to good blog structure or arrangement:  An African proverb says “the first impression lasts longer”, blog structure is simply the basic arrangement of your post on your blog. Blog with good and sequential arrangement makes it easier for visitors to go through the content with no stress of mixing it up. This includes friendly fonts, headers, footer, sidebars design etc.
  • Disengage criminating contents: Google AdSense Inform all applicant In their review avoid illegal contents on their blog, which may hinder their approval such as adult related contents, hacking cracking relating content, drug-related contents, alcohol-related contents, weapons, etc.
  • High satisfactory content: blog with 100% plagiarism-free are fast for approval, a blog with are unique explanatory and easy to read Post is required for the approval of the application.

Google AdSense is very reliable because they payment seems easy after which it has been approved, they do a wire transfer or pay direct to your bank account, the approval takes some days or it based on your location, if you’re based in Nigeria it might take 14 days but you stay in united state or the united kingdom, it takes less than 24 hours for the approval.

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