How to Start a Blog in Nigeria

Do you want to learn how to start a blog in Nigeria, you want to make money right?.

Well in this post, I will be sharing with you how to make money through blogging in Nigeria.

How to Start a Blog

But before, i think you might need to know who i am, like who the hell is giving me ideas on how to make money through blogging in Nigeria. Well, my name is Oyejobi Adeola, a professional blogger and have generated over a million from blogging in Nigeria.

Yeah thats the truth, blogging have really changed my life, so i will explain to you the basics of blogging so you can have a good foundation about this blogging of a thing and how you can make money through it. The first question is;


What actually is blogging and how can you make money from blogging? Blogging is the process of writing and publishing useful contents to a particular audience in order to help them in one way or the other. That’s just the simple meaning of blogging.

There is nothing technical about the blogging aspect, I want to make it so easy for you understand. There are a lot of advantages of starting a blog;

1.  Attract an Audience

Blogging enables you to reach the billions of people that use the Internet. Blogging can help you promote yourself or your business. Blogging works as a method for attracting an audience because it provides something of value to them before asking for anything in return.

2. Establish Authority

Having a blog and writing about important topics that are relevant to your audience establishes yourself as an authority in the space. It enhances your professional image. A blog is to professionals in the 2000s what a business card was in the 1990s. Blogs are the new business cards.

3. Build Rapport and Engagement

When someone reads your blog they can get to know your personality and opinions. Blogging can convert traffic into leads and leads into customers. Blogging can “warm up” your cold calls and traffic from other sources. If someone receives your cold call, they may be more receptive if they’ve read your blog and received value from it.

4. Create Opportunities

Blogging can lead to other business/traffic generating opportunities. For example, speaking engagements or press. I’ve had people contact me to speak at conferences who found me through my blog. Blogging enables anyone with something interesting or valuable to say to be identified as an expert.

5. Organize Your Thoughts and Learn

Blogging forces you to teach yourself what you don’t know and to articulate what you do know. When you begin writing a blog post, you are forced to organize your thoughts. If there are any gaps in the topic that you are writing about, you will have to learn about it. Writing out and articulating your thoughts is a great way to internalize something you’ve learned or experienced. Writing helps you become more familiar with the topic you’re writing about.

6. Tell Your Story

Blogging enables you to be your own media company. You can tell your story the way you want to tell it without being dependent on journalists. When you are writing about a topic of your own interest, you can decide how to portray a story, what information to include, and what information to exclude. Blogging allows you to ensure that all information included in the blog is factual.

7. Meet New People

The audience you attract through blogging doesn’t have to just be your “audience.” They can become your friends, colleagues, partners, or lovers. I’ve had many people reach out to me directly after reading my blog. Some of those people have become friends or good business contacts.

8. Stand Out

According to “the 1 percent rule,” only 1 percent of Internet users actively create new content, while the other 99 percent of the participants simply view it. By blogging, you separate yourself from the 99 percent of people that don’t blog.
Standing out is essential in an increasingly competitive economy.

9. Validate Expertise

Blogs are the new resumes. Blogging about a topic you would like to be viewed as an expert in, can illustrate to readers, employers, and your network, that you are are skilled and knowledgeable.

10. Make Money

If you have a blog with a lot of readers, there may be opportunities to monetize. In today’s economy, being diversified and having additional sources of income can be tremendously beneficial. If you are working a job that doesn’t pay as much as you’d like, or if you would simply like to earn more money (who doesn’t?), blogging can make for a great side income. Income generated from blogging can also be “passive,” meaning it can be automated and is not directly correlated to the amount of time you put in to it.

That’s the advantage of starting a blog,a lot of benefits, so how can you start your own blog and start making money in Nigeria.


1. Choose a niche

A profitable niche that is in demand. But, you still need to be passionate about the topic you choose. There are a lot of niches you can pick, we have Health and fitness, business, finance, make money niche, entertainment, marketing, travel etc.

So you need to determine first your interest in any of these niches and passionate about

2. Create your own website.

I suggest you use (a self-hosted platform). This software allows you to create a beautiful website with a user-friendly interface.

If you decide to go with, start by picking a domain name (can be your own name or something related to your blog niche).

Proceed by getting the domain name and web hosting. Hostgator or Bluehost is popular among bloggers. It allows installation of wordpress in one click. If you want to learn how to create your own blog, you can refer to one of my post here

3. After you launch your platform, install the necessary WordPress plugins.

Some of the essential plugins are:



-Yoast SEO


-Elemenator Page Builder

4. Develop content for your website.

Consistency and quality of content are important. If you are just starting, a weekly article of 1000 words should be a good start.

5. Drive traffic to your blog with social –media.

Most of the famous bloggers swear by:



6. Learn how to improve SEO (Search engine Optimization).

When the internet user enters query or search term in the browser and hit the enter button, this query will go to the search engines and then search engine will give you a number of results to the related query term. Normally, users are visit or clicks on the top of the results on this page. If you have ever think about why some websites rank better than other websites, then you must know that is because of Search Engine Optimization is also known as SEO.

Basically, SEO is one kind of web marketing strategy; this will help your website to rank higher in search engine result pages as compared to other websites or response to the search query. Search Engine Optimization helps to get huge traffic from search engine’s like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

7. Network with other bloggers (this way you can write the guest posts for other websites. Networking is a good way to get some guidance related to blogging and monetization of your blog).

How to Make Money through Blogging in Nigeria

Ways to Make Money through Blogging in Nigeria

There are many ways to monetize a blog such as display advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, product sales, etc.

you can make money by various methods using a blog, depending on which audience you have

  1. Adnetworks (adsense,infolinks,revenuehits) you can apply on adnetworks to sell your ad placements, by placing their ads and getting paid for clicks
  2. PPD,PPA: these networks run on CPC,CPA,CPD(costper click/cost per download/cost peraction)
  3. sell ebooks: if you know something really well and your readers are interested in learning about it you can write ebook and sell it to your audience
  4. sponsored posts: it gets a little tricky here, convince companies in your niche to pay you certain amount to write a positive review of their products, you can make 80–100$ per post if your blog has good number of readers and authority

How much you can make from each these methods depends on your traffic and reach.

I love affiliate marketing, and most of my blog income comes from affiliates. It is the most passive way to make money with a blog.

You have to apply as a publisher with the affiliate programs like iGainFlex OffersShareasale, Maxbounty. Once you are accepted, you choose your brands and start promoting. These are the affiliate programs I am with and I have seen good conversions with them.

I will share a detailed post about what are the ways that you can make money from blogging especially with affiliate marketing.

You are all set to start a blog now!

Blogging is a very profitable side hustle or for that matter a full-time income earner for me. It has given me the freedom to pursue what I love instead of trading my time for work.

It has proved to be a very flexible and profitable money-making option for me (I am a total non-techie), and it can work great for you too.

That’s how to make money through blogging in Nigeria. If you have any question, you can drop below and i will attend to them asap

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