How to craft killer headlines in 3 simple steps

If your headline is badly written, then nobody is going to read what you’ve written.

It’s a simple equation.

Successful copywriters already know this, that’s why they spend more than half of the time creating the perfect headline.

If creating the perfect headline that’ll get people read your content has been a big problem to you…

Or people don’t click your ads because the headline isn’t captivating enough…

Then you have to pay close attention to this post.

Because in this post, I’m going to be thoroughly explaining how to create killer headlines that get people hooked to your content.

Contrary to popular belief that writing a captivating headline is a hard and arduous task…

It’s actually very easy.

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And as you read through this post, you’ll come to realize that…

Writing killer headlines is just a walk in the park…

And all you need is a guide (such as this you’re reading) that explains the right blocks to set in place to get you the perfect headline.


STEP 1: Research who you’re writing your content for.

This is where you want to spend the most of your time when trying to create the perfect headline.

“If you’re given 8 hours to bring down a tree, use 6 hours to sharpen the axe”

If we relate this to writing killer headlines, then your research needs to take the bulk of your time.

You have to know everything about who you’re writing for.

What makes them tick?

The emotional triggers to pull on them

The pressing problem they’re trying to solve.

When you figure this out, you’ll have a clear understanding of the kind of words to use to get your readers hooked by the neck…

Readers want to be sure you understand them and that they can relate to your post.

And you can only achieve this by thorough research

Step 2: The big promise:

Listen if I gave you all the secret hacks and templates to write a perfect headline, right here and I miss out this important point…

You’ll end up writing headlines that are boring.
Headlines that don’t grip attention

Your headline needs to have a big promise that it’s offering to people that’s going to read it.

Your big promise should be that cannot be easily found anywhere else.

It should be something that grips them and gets them saying “I have to know the content of this post”.


How to write killer headlines

The main reason you’re reading this blog post is because of the big promise in the headline

It promises to show you how to write killer headline.

Since you’re already up all day looking for ways to improve your headline.

The moment you came across this blog post, you had no choice but to read it.

Because it gives a big promises to solve the problem you’ve been having.

Pro tip: whatever promise you’re making in your headline has to be on you can back up.
People hate to be tricked.
You’ll lose them forever if you do.

Step 3: Tie the benefit of what you’re offering to your headline.

You probably already know this.

But I’ll restate it.
People’s attention span has been greatly reduced.

And now more than ever, people are only searching for contents that provides solution to their problems (both consciously and subconsciously)

The problem could range from curiosity, boredom and need for specific information.

For people to know that your content solves their problem, then your headline has to speak in volume of the benefit it’s bringing.

Once they come across your headline, they should quickly have a good idea about how your content can make their lives better.

So instead of writing headlines like these:

Importance of using Facebook ads

You headline should be:

How to boost your sales by X10 using Facebook ads

Get it?
Instead of telling them the importance of running Facebook ads (features), you’re telling them the results they can get with running the ads (benefit).

Now you’re more equipped to creating killer headlines for your next ad, blog post or campaign.

Feel free to drop questions and I’d be glad to shed more light on them.

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