How to Start blogging the right way ( Expert Case Study)

You want to learn how to start blogging right away. Then in this post, I will be sharing with you guys how to start blogging the right way and also some expert case studies of some of the things you can do to be successful with blogging.


Whether you like it or not a lot of people are generating thousands of dollars every month from blogging, is the reality is not fake for example we have people like Linda ikeji making over 10M million for her blog every single month where of course she falls into entertainment news but at least so she’s into the blogging business.

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you can also start blogging but you need to learn how to go about where I have been blogging for about 10 years now and if you don’t know how to blog the right way, you can spend more than one year and you won’t make a penny that’s why I want to give you guys the foundation of starting a blog.

What is blogging?

Blogging is the process of sharing content on the web. The content can be any kind of topic, can be financed, can make money online, can be travel and lifestyle, and can be food. It depends on the topic you are passionate about and want other people to be aware of.  

it’s very easy to start blogging because you can start a blog today and within 30 days you are earning over $200 from it. 

A lot of people have sent me messages that they don’t know, they’ve been blogging for over a year and they never earn up to $10.  I want you to understand that is very possible for you to start blogging and for the next year, you are earning less than $100,  it is very possible.

What successful bloggers do

Of course, you would have heard that some bloggers are earning over 20000 Dollars from their blog and you’re wondering how can I start mine and earn over that?  Well, let me tell you what some successful bloggers do.

They picked a topic, a hot demanding topic, and started writing contents about it, most bloggers started as a newbie.

It was due to the numerous practices that they got better. That means if you want to be better you need to be consistent with your writing, your research.

Because this is the only way you can be successful with whatever you are writing about. A blogger must be willing to do research very well and must be very curious about what some other bloggers are doing.

Be active

A blogger must be active in whatever topic you’re trying to write because this is how you get better, you need to be updating your content, updating the missing link because things are getting improved every day so as a researcher and a blogger.

You must be able to find the missing link the easiest way to do something and that happens if you’re active on the internet and other blogs. Read what other bloggers are in your niche are doing, try to follow trends so that you can better.

Share useful and helpful contents

The only way you can be receiving repeated visitors to your site is when you are sharing helpful content on your blog; don’t just let your blog be of indelible topics.

Whatever you’re trying to write must be addressed to your audience solving a particular challenge.

Research for what people are actually looking for about the topic you don’t want to pick the topic from your head and put down.

Do you understand very well?  Write valuable contents that you know will be valuable to your own audience if you’re doing it, you will be receiving a lot of repeated visitors to your site every day.

Guest posting

If you are a new blogger, the best way to get your blog very known is by sharing content on some other big niches.

This will help you gain authority very fast. There are a lot of guest posting websites where you can just Google them and message them that you are trying to write content if they’re accepting guest posts on their blogs. But before you do that make sure you know they are ranking very well on Google because that’s how you can get your blog rank very well.

If you follow these methods, you are sure to be successful with blogging.

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