3 Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria in 2021

Do you want to learn the 3 ways to make money online in Nigeria in 2021? Then in this post, I want to share with you guys how to start making money online. There are a lot of ways to actually start making money online having generated over 20 million nairas online.

I’m going to be sharing with you guys how you can also do this and start making money online. 

make money online in Nigeria

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3 Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria in 2021 – Over N10M made in 2020


Blogging is the easiest way to start generating thousands of dollars on the internet. Well, a lot of people thought that blogging is actually sharing content about entertainment sports, etc blogging is way more than that I’m going to explain to you guys how you can start blogging the right way.

A lot of bloggers have this understanding that to become a blogger, you need to be posting about entertainment, sports news, etc. As I said earlier, blogging is way more than that. 

If you look at most businesses they have a section for blogging. So is it means that blogging is a way of sharing content about whatever you want your audience to know about.

Let’s say you’re offering a product or service, creating a blog about a particular content about your services can be a very good marketing method of letting your audience know what you have to offer. 

Apart from creating content for business, you can also create valuable content that you know that is going to help a lot of people.  of course, it can be any content you know that people are really looking for.

Of course, there’s a lot of ways you can also monetize your blog,  but before I explained that, there are a lot of niches you can actually pick from to start blogging.

There are a lot of niches, but niches that really do well are niches that are actually providing solutions for people. To actually start a successful blog you must create a blog that is actually providing solutions to people.

Some of the niches are; Finance, Health & Fitness, Make Money, Relationship, Food, Travel, Lifestyle, etc.

Finance: People want to learn how to save, how to pay their debts, how to budget. Of course, people are looking for ways to save money, pay their debt, budget for something so if you are going to be in this niche, you are going to be receiving a lot of visitors and a lot of money.

Now the question might be that you don’t know about finance, you can actually learn it, follow some big niche website, follow how they’re doing their things, posting articles and try to be unique with your own is just a simple method.

Health & Fitness: Every day on the internet people looking for ways to get better get fit get healthier, so you are going in this niche you are going to be receiving a lot of traffic to your website because people are looking every day on how to get better with their health.

Make Money: Most of the reason why people start a business is to make money, people are looking for a lot of ways they can make money so if you have something valuable that you know is going to help a lot of people to make money you can start a blog and start sharing,  a lot of people will be interested in learning new ways to make money provided it’s not a get-rich-quick system 

The same thing applies to the rest. Just find any niche that you know that you’re passionate about and start sharing content online and of course monetize the content.

Affiliate marketing

This is another business you can use to start making money online which is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting a companies product and in return get a commission. The commission can range between 20-100% depending on the advertiser or the merchant. 

Starting affiliate marketing is actually easy if you know your way around it. You find a product, create a squeeze page ( a page where you collect emails) and redirect to the product you are trying to sell. It’s just as simple as that.

There are a lot of affiliate companies you can actually join and they are many but I will mention a few.

Take note that not all affiliate companies accept all countries, example Clickbank doesn’t accept Nigerians till now even tho there is actually a way to go about getting approved. Likewise some other affiliate companies like digitstore24.

Most here is the list of affiliate companies that accepts Nigerians.

Amazon Associate: It is an amazon merchant affiliate program where you can promote products on the amazon store to your audience.

amazon associate

Even though the commission is very low, you can be hitting some $200 every month because amazon has almost everything a customer needs or wants. You can as well apply here; It’s simple and you should be approved in less than a day to start promoting.

Shareasale: This is another program that accepts Nigerians but slightly different from amazon products because they have virtually 80% digital products and of course 20% physical products.


You can also apply here, but take note, why applying to ShareASale, use a professional email address. What I am trying to say is, dont use an email address or a yahoo address, use an address relating to your domain name, for example, affiliate@oyejobiadeola.com. This is unique and professional. 

In the marketing aspect, make sure you explain your marketing method, do not lie here, be sincere, and be truthful, where you are asked if you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert. Then Answer according to your experience.

CJ: Ever heard of that name? Commission Junction by conversant is another affiliate program that accepts Nigerians and follows the same process as Shareasale to apply.

Jvzoo: Another affiliate program you can join today and start promoting their products.


There are a lot of them, you can as well promote a product even without joining any of these affiliate programs. Let’s say, for example, I want to promote a product relating to shoes, I can just go to google, search shoe affiliate program, click on the one at the top, check their guidelines and apply.

It’s simple and straightforward.

About payment, you can always be paid either through Payoneer or Direct Deposit (very rare with some affiliate programs tho).

Selling Your Own Product

You can decide to also start selling your own product to your audience if you’ve gathered enough offers. Maybe you are into a finance niche, you can create an ebook on how to save and budget to reach your financial freedom.

Depending on the niche you choose, selling your own product is the easiest way you can start generating a lot of money on the internet. How? Because as of now, I am generating over N1M a month from selling my knowledge.

It is simple arithmetic, once you have something to offer, create a demanding appearance with your audiences, and start selling to them.

These are top my 3 ways to start making money online

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