How to Identify & Understand Your Dream Buyer 

In every market out of 100% potential buyers, only 3% are ready to buy now, 17% are gathering information about potential purchase plans, 20% are kind of people, they are not sure of what they want yet and the final 60% are not even aware of any information so they are completely out of touch and ignorance of whatever you are selling. 

What most of the businesses are doing is focusing on the top 3% which is why competition for sales is fierce. And those that even try to venture into the other category, they treat them like the top 3% and thereby lose them without converting them to a customer. 

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The best way to get the large chunk of the market either from the upper 37% or the lower 60% is to go through these 4 steps strategies. 

  1. Attracts
  2. Educate
  3. Nurture 
  4. Get them to act or become customers. 

To achieve this you will use what is called sales funnel. 

But most importantly you must know your customers intimately go beyond what others are doing by going deeper into knowing their fear, Hope, wishes, and dreams. 

Out of the Crowd Locate your power 4% and find out about what they need, products they are looking for, how they find you, and what channel they use to find you. 

Using a website called www.askthepublic.com you are going to search for keywords in our niche and see real questions asked by real people and understand their burning desire and what they want so you can find it and sell it to them. 

Also, you will need to join Facebook groups and look out for these facts

  • All post by the page owner 
  • All posts by visitors to the fan page
  • Can of engagements for a post by page owner
  • Count of engagements By post type. 

You can also look at treads on your niche on Reddit and Quora. 

Creating your dream buyer avatar 

We need to consider these points before creating the avatar. 

  •  What are their hopes, dreams, and desires?
  • What does a day in our dream buyer look like? 
  • Where do they hangout and congregate?
  • What is their preferred form of communication? 

To compete successfully in today’s marketplace you have to zero in on your dream buyer, don’t choose markets that are too generic, specificity is the key to better sales. 

You have to focus on your dream buyer because this will bring clarity to your copy and you will be able to address the specifics issues doing this will certainly Lead to a more profitable business. 

The software may change, funnels software may change, etc but the fundamental of learning people’s problems and telling them about it in a most persuasive way is a timeless manner. 

Nine Questions To Define Your Dream Customers

  1. Where does your dream buyer hangouts?

Be specific about what or where they hang out. 

For example:

  •  saying they hang out on Facebook is too generic.

But to say they hangout on the Nigeria Copywriting Academy group page is more specific.

  • Saying She likes outdoor is too generic. 

But saying she goes to the park every Sunday afternoon with her two-year-old daughter. 

  1. Where does your dream buyer get their information from? Is it Google, Facebook, Quora, YouTube, etc?
  1. What is their biggest frustration?

Understanding your dream buyer’s frustration will help you connect with them on another level, and the deeper you connect with them the better chance you get to make them buy.

  1. What are their Hopes, Dreams, and Desires? 

When you know their hopes, dreams, and desires it will be easier to write a market your products and services to them. 

  1. What is their biggest fear? 

 Understanding their fear is even more important than understanding their dreams because fear motivates them to take action than pleasure. 

  1. What is their preferred form of communication? 

Facebook live, messenger, email, text, life mail/post or call, Find out how they want to be communicated with and use it, the most important thing here is to communicate with them where they already are don’t try and move them to where is convenient for you. 

  1. What Exact Phrase,  Language & vernacular are they already using. 

Try to understand their language, terminology, phrases, and slang they are using in your market niche…don’t try and change its flow with it. As it is said. 

Enter the conversation already going on in your customers’ heads. 

  1. What does a day in your buyer’s life look like? 

Documents his or her day on a timeline and get to know his or her routine. This will help you to know when to write her a message or when to approach or do anything to him or her. 

  1. What makes them happy.

Do something unexpected for them that will make them happy maybe on their birthday or wedding anniversary, send a personalized gift with the company logo on it… .things like this create a deeper emotional connection for the long term. 

A business owner gets a customer to make a sale.

A business builder makes a sale to start a relationship.

Which one are you??? 

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